How Jay Severin Helped Barack Obama Murder Free Speech in 2012
Using fake credentials for years to disseminate false anti-Muslim propaganda on Boston's airwaves, Severin provided feds the tainted jury pool they would need to convict a US citizen for his beliefs alone

Best & Brightest Exclusive December  20, 2011
It is no small irony given the subject of this post that Jay Severin began his radio career in Boston by mimicking the popular libertarian stylings of WRKO's Gene Burns, a man who had begun every show by paying tribute to the first amendment. Burns left Boston for New York in the mid 1990s but lucky for us, "pure libertarian" and "strict constitutionalist" Jay Severin filled the void in 1999, shortly after a brief stint as a low-rent talking head on the fledgling MSNBC. We Bostonians were supposed to be extra-impressed by our newest "libertarian" talk voice because he was the recipient of a "Pulitzer Prize for online jouranalism" and was in possession of a Master's degree from our own Boston University.

Severin also claimed, during these early years, to have an unspecified degree of law school experience, leading the occasional caller to mistake him for having passed the bar.

On July 20, 2005, Severin put his phony legal expertise to work in a shocking defense of the anti-constitutional Patriot Act, when he told a Best and Brightest caller that the Act had never been used against an American citizen; only a few filthy foreigners (Sidebar: as if withholding basic civil rights from people visiting America would be okay!). The caller corrected Severin, naming US citizen Jose Padilla, who had been detained in Chicago in early May of 2002 and was still rotting away in a South Carolina military brig three years later without charges. Severin replied: "Oh, him!? He's not a real American; he's a terrorist! Hang him tomorrow!"

What exactly made Citizen Padilla a "fake" American undeserving of equal protection under law? Strict constitutionalist Severin never said.

By late 2005 Severin's Pulitzer and Master's had been exposed as fakes and WTKK listeners were left to wonder how else Jay might have misled them. The question of motive arose: What had inspired Jay to feign expertise in journalism and law? After all, plenty of other radio hosts were talking Islamophobic trash and getting paid big bucks for it without having to pad their resumes.

Severin's motive appears clearer than ever in the wake of the Tarek Mehanna "terrorism" verdict here in Boston, perhaps the most hideous miscarriage of justice in Boston's storied history. Recall that Severin (somehow) got away with his fake credentials for six years, during which time he routinely pontificated down to us lowers the "real" truth about Muslims. I.e., you just can't trust'em. Their religion "forbids them from ratting on each another." Therefore, we must not extend the same civil rights protections to Muslims that we do for everyone else. Torture is perfectly okay when it comes to Muslims, and btw it works like a charm!

This was a monstrous lie by Severin  - a man whose alleged background, even if only half true, surely would have precluded such baseless xenophobia from crossing his lips. It was his phony expertise that gave Jay's rabid Islamophobia the sheen of legitimacy that would propel him past WRKO's Howie Carr at the height of the "war on terror."

So it is frankly no coincidence that Barack Obama's FBI picked Boston's tainted jury pool to entrap and railroad a "radicalized" Muslim and use him to set the intolerable precedent that American citizens may, hence forth, be locked up for their beliefs alone.

It appears that Tarek Mehanna was targeted not only because he was a Muslim, but also because he was a Muslim living here, within earshot of Jay Severin's treacherous "scholarship."